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A Chartered Professional Accountant, or CPA, is a widely recognized and highly trusted designation in the business world. A CPA is distinguished by non-designated finance professionals through stringent qualification and licensing requirements. Hiring a CPA for your small business is a smart move. Hiring our firm to handle your financial accounting and tax needs is a smarter move.

Let us take care of your finances so that you can take care of your business.

Corporation Tax Filings

Our firm will prepare Notice to Reader financial statements with notes, along with the corporate T2 tax return for a one time fee.

A corporation has important reporting requirements which include the preparation of financial statements prior to the tax return being completed. CRA requires full financial statement information to be entered within the return. A corporation tax return, referred to as a T2 Corporate tax return, is typically due after 6 months of the corporation’s fiscal tax year.

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Sole Proprietorship Tax Filings

Our firm will prepare a T2125, referred to as a Statement of Business or Professional Activities, along with your full T1 Individual tax return for one fee.

A sole proprietorship business is a business which is required to be reported along with your personal tax return, referred to as a T1 Individual tax return. A sole proprietorship business return is due on June 15, however the balance payable is due on April 30.

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Personal Tax Filings

Our firm will prepare a T1 Individual tax return which includes all types of income, including sole proprietorship, rental, employment, investment and other income.

A T1 Individual tax return is due on April 30.  The filing of the return and the balance owing is due on April 30. Failure to file or pay will result in significant penalties and interest fees so it is important to file your returns on time.

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Bookkeeping Services

Our firm offers full cycle bookkeeping services for your small business for a monthly fee. This includes bank reconciliations, payroll administration, CRA remittance reporting and much more.

Bookkeeping is an important function for a business, as it properly tracks the transaction in the correct accounts. This results in a year end trial balance which is required to prepare financial statements. If the bookkeeping is not complete, the financial statements cannot be prepared.

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CRA Audit Support Services

Our firm offers CRA audit support services at an hourly rate. We will coordinate with the CRA auditor and compile the information needed in the audit. We will also complete any analysis that is needed on the financial data.

A CRA audit can be very stressful for an organization. We will handle all communication and coordination so that you can continue to focus on operating your business.

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Incorporation Services

Our firm offers incorporation services for a one time fee. This includes the coordination with the legal team and the set up of the CRA accounts.

Choosing to incorporate a business in an important and exciting step. Many decisions need to be made as the corporation is set up. Some of these decisions include how to withdraw funds from the corporation while minimizing taxes both on the corporate side and personal side; or what types of accounts to set up. We will provide advice on all the important decisions as we facilitate the incorporation.

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CFO Services

Our firm offers customized CFO services at an hourly rate. This includes on-site meetings, ad-hoc reporting, government funding support, budgeting and financial modeling and much more.

Access CFO skills without the obligation of hiring a CFO as an employee. Our firm has extensive experience in providing CFO services. The lead accountant, Nasira Nasim, who holds a CPA designation, has also completed her MBA. This has allowed her to provide services beyond just accounting. Nasira has extensive experience providing high level business planning and financial advice to executive level roles such as Presidents, CEOs and board members.

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Purchasing a Business – Due Diligence Services

Our firm offers due diligence services at an hourly rate. Our services include complete investigation of the business to be purchased, including a report and a recommendation.

Purchasing a business is an exciting step to start or continue your business. However, many important facts can be overlooked if the correct due diligence is not completed prior to the purchase of the business. Our team will manage the due diligence process including on site visits at the location of the business being purchased.

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